OneWorld Portraits

Client: OneWorld A series of portraits made for OneWorld.
Wangari MaathaiSteve BikoSuze GroenewegToni MorrisonClara Wichmann

The Mentally Confused Neighbour

Client: de Volkskrant The difficulties of dealing with mentally confused neighbours.
mentally confused neighbourmentally confused neighbour

Reaching For a Moral Compass

Client: VPRO Illustration for a book review about ‘Age of Vice’ by Deepti Kapoor and ‘Run and Hide’ by Pankaj Mishra.
reaching for a moral compass

Alternative Movie Posters

Client: Hard//hoofd Posters made for reviews of the movies.

burningonce upon a time in hollywoodstar wars the rise of skywalkerder fall collinikajillionairecold war

Youth Services System

Client: NRC For an article about kid that was first adopted and ended up stuck in the youth services system.
youth services systemyouth services system

Kids Lost at Sea

Client: Maarten! Schoolkids are lost at sea (and bored) because of all the innovative new educational systems.
kids lost at seakids lost at seakids lost at seakids lost at sea


Client: Checkpoint An illustration about different kinds of therapy for veterans with PTSD.

Serial Sperm Donor

Client: de Volkskrant About a serial sperm donor named Jonathan who has fathered over 100 kids.
serial sperm donorserial sperm donor

Scarlatti Appetizers

Client: VPRO A portrait of the composer Scarlatti as 5 different appetizers.

Dusty Medicine Industry

Client: NRC The article talks about how Europe needs to dust off their medicine industry.

Dusty Medicine Industry Dusty Medicine Industry