XF&M Illustration, Javalaan 26, 9715 GW Groningen, Nederland
Tel +31 (0)6 15246433, info@xfandm.com

English Xiao Feng (’86) & Mathieu (’81) graduated from Minerva, School of Arts in 2009. Ever since they’ve been working as an illustration duo from their studio/home in Groningen (the Netherlands). Their illustrations are build up with different layers of pen and paper.. And some paint, pencils, crayon, ink, markers.. and maybe a touch of spraypaint…And finally the layers are digitally combined. The both of them working together on one illustration results in a merge of their two styles and creates a flexible and fast process.

Nederlands Xiao Feng (’86) & Mathieu (’81) zijn in 2009 afgestudeerd aan de kunstacademie Minerva. Sindsdien werken ze als een illustratie duo vanuit hun studio/huis in Groningen. Lees verder >