Hospital Balloons

Client: De Neuroloog De Neuroloog is a trade journal for neurologists. This illustration is about balancing all the different contacts in the hospital organisation. Is it better to be part of a big network or to be more of a seperate specialised unit?

balloons neuroloogballoons neuroloog

Drowning In Roses

Client: FNV This one’s for an article that talks about people getting stuck in a law that is supposed to help them. Like roses, it looks great on the surface but it ends up being a thorny mess.

Drowning In Roses Drowning In Roses Drowning In Roses Drowning In Roses

The Loss Of A Home

Client: NRC A piece about how important it is to have a will or testament when living together with your partner. A lot of people don’t think about it and end up losing the house when they’ve just lost their partner.

Daddy’s Day

Client: NRC A piece about how to balance the care for a child more evenly, especially for Dads. And how it can still be financially viable for both parents.

daddy's day

The Rise Of American Socialism

Client: Maarten! An opinion piece on how socialism is slowly bleeding through in the USA. This is visible with the Democrats as well as on the Republican side. We looked at a lot of great socialist art for inspiration and tried to recreate that feeling in our own way.

American Socialism American Socialism 2

Money Exchange

Client: NRC This time the article was about money exchange services. How to make sure you’re not paying to much for it during your travels, because there is no such thing as ‘no fee’.

money exchange

How Networking Works

Client: Orde We made this illustration for an article about networking and how to do this effectively. The illustration shows a bad example from the text, collecting loads business cards.

networking networking

40 Days Without Screens

Client: Hard//Hoofd Maite Karssenberg wrote a piece about her experience living 40 days without her phone,tv or internet. You can read the piece here

test creen glasses


Client: Hard//Hoofd We made this illustration for a column by Koen Alfons. To read the column click here


Birth Announcement Card

Custom birth announcement card A custom made card for the birth of a sweet baby girl.

Birth Announcement Card Birth Announcement Card Birth Announcement Card Birth Announcement Card