Google Says I’m Broken

Client: NRC This one’s about digital doctoring. Looking up your own symptons is getting very popular and can be helpfull for diagnosing…if done well.

digital doctoring xf&m digital doctoring xf&m digital doctoring xf&m digital doctoring xf&m

The Loss Of A Home

Client: NRC A piece about how important it is to have a will or testament when living together with your partner. A lot of people don’t think about it and end up losing the house when they’ve just lost their partner.

Daddy’s Day

Client: NRC A piece about how to balance the care for a child more evenly, especially for Dads. And how it can still be financially viable for both parents.

daddy's day

How Networking Works

Client: Orde We made this illustration for an article about networking and how to do this effectively. The illustration shows a bad example from the text, collecting loads business cards.

networking networking

40 Days Without Screens

Client: Hard//Hoofd Maite Karssenberg wrote a piece about her experience living 40 days without her phone,tv or internet. You can read the piece here

test creen glasses

Holiday Bargain Hunter

Client: NRC An illustration about the growing popularity of cheap all-inclusive sun holidays.

Holiday Bargain Hunter

In The Red

Client: NRC The article was about people who constantly end up ‘in the red’ at the end of each month.

In The Red

Pino Got Evicted

Client: Hard//Hoofd For Nieuws In Beeld we made a very sad Pino (the Dutch version of Big Bird). Sesamestreet lost their timeslot and has to move to different channel. Pino’s feeling very blue about it.


Sustainable Business

Client: Orde Nowadays sustainable business is more than just saving on printerpaper and getting to work on your bike. It’s about building a better working world. Contributing to it, instead of consuming it.

Sustainable Business Sustainable Business

Bonsai Money Tree

Client: NRC This illustration was for an article about investing your money, instead of putting it in a savings account. As long as you put your money in steady and safe investments, it will grow slowly, and you’ll have your own small money tree.

Bonsai Money Tree