Zhang Yuning

Client: NRC A cover production for the sport section of NRC on how China is trying to reach the top of football. And how Zhang Yuning became the posterboy for this campaign.

Civil Service Wizards

Client: NRCThe Avatar movement is getting a foot in the door within Dutch municipalities. The highest rank in the movement is wizard and these are some well paid wizards.

Civil service wizards xf&m Civil service wizards xf&m Civil service wizards xf&m Civil service wizards xf&m

Google Says I’m Broken

Client: NRC This one’s about digital doctoring. Looking up your own symptons is getting very popular and can be helpfull for diagnosing…if done well.

digital doctoring xf&m digital doctoring xf&m digital doctoring xf&m digital doctoring xf&m

Caregiving For The Elderly

Client: NRC We made a small illustrated story for this article on caregiving. Lots of hard moments and worries, but in the end you will get a lot back too.

mantelzorg xf&m mantelzorg xf&m

Flamingo’s Cosy Home

Client: NRC For an article about the options for starters on the housing market. There was a small mention of a flamingo in the text so now this tropical bird feels his house might be a bit to small for him.

Flamingo's Cosy Home Flamingo's Cosy Home

Let’s Zip It Up

Client: NRC The article talks about how to protect your online reputation. There a companies that you can hire to clean up your google search results by making sure that the bad stuff gets buried a bit deeper.

Eating Your Saving

Client: NRC The article talks about the dutch tax system and how they handle savings. Right now the savings rate is a lot lower than the tax rate on your savings, so the tax system is actualy eating your savings.


Money Exchange

Client: NRC This time the article was about money exchange services. How to make sure you’re not paying to much for it during your travels, because there is no such thing as ‘no fee’.

money exchange

Investmentfund Guru

Client: NRC The article lists tips for investing in a investmentfund. One of the things it warns you about is the investmentfund ‘Gurus’.


Life With The Brakes On

Client: NRC Next An intense article about living as a non active pedofile. NRC Next asked us to show parts of the interview in a graphic novel style which was new for us. A difficult subject, but we had fun experimenting with the storytelling.

cover graphic-novel-p1 graphic-novel-p2 life on the brakes cover life on the brakes page 1 life on the brakes page 2