Civil Service Wizards

Client: NRCThe Avatar movement is getting a foot in the door within Dutch municipalities. The highest rank in the movement is wizard and these are some well paid wizards.

Civil service wizards xf&m Civil service wizards xf&m Civil service wizards xf&m Civil service wizards xf&m

Google Says I’m Broken

Client: NRC This one’s about digital doctoring. Looking up your own symptons is getting very popular and can be helpfull for diagnosing…if done well.

digital doctoring xf&m digital doctoring xf&m digital doctoring xf&m digital doctoring xf&m

Caregiving For The Elderly

Client: NRC We made a small illustrated story for this article on caregiving. Lots of hard moments and worries, but in the end you will get a lot back too.

mantelzorg xf&m mantelzorg xf&m

Flamingo’s Cosy Home

Client: NRC For an article about the options for starters on the housing market. There was a small mention of a flamingo in the text so now this tropical bird feels his house might be a bit to small for him.

Flamingo's Cosy Home

Let’s Zip It Up

Client: NRC The article talks about how to protect your online reputation. There a companies that you can hire to clean up your google search results by making sure that the bad stuff gets buried a bit deeper.

Eating Your Saving

Client: NRC The article talks about the dutch tax system and how they handle savings. Right now the savings rate is a lot lower than the tax rate on your savings, so the tax system is actualy eating your savings.


Investmentfund Guru

Client: NRC The article lists tips for investing in a investmentfund. One of the things it warns you about is the investmentfund ‘Gurus’.


Life With The Brakes On

Client: NRC Next An intense article about living as a non active pedofile. NRC Next asked us to show parts of the interview in a graphic novel style which was new for us. A difficult subject, but we had fun experimenting with the storytelling.

cover graphic-novel-p1 graphic-novel-p2

Boomerang Generation

Client: NRC The article was about the boomerang generation. Adults forces to moved back in with their parents, because they haven’t had a job in a while.

Boomerang Generation

Student Debt

Client: NRC An illustration for a piece about how to keep the costs managable as a student.

Student Debt